About Bequests:  Bequests are gifts that are made as part of a will or trust. Charitable bequests combine philanthropy and tax benefits. A charitable bequest can be made to a nonprofit organization, trust, or foundation. Anyone can make a bequest—in any amount—to an individual or charity.

When it comes to charitable giving, bequests offer many benefits.  Moreover, bequests are both simple to implement and easy to change during your lifetime, enabling you to maintain the use, benefit, enjoyment, and control of your assets for as long as you need them.  Some notable advantages of bequests include: 

  • A bequest does not affect you financially during your lifetime.
  • You may make adjustments to your will or trust if and when circumstances change.
  • You can specify the amount you wish to give to each of multiple beneficiaries.
  • A charitable bequest may be deductible for federal estate tax purposes and may be exempt from state inheritance taxes. (Please consult with your attorney or tax preparer for your specific circumstances.) 
  • Bequests are versatile. A bequest can be a specific sum, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate after expenses and gifts to loved ones. Bequests can include cash, securities, real estate, houses, and personal property. You can even name a beneficiary in a life insurance policy! 

Bequests to Leashes End:  To bequeath a charitable gift to Leashes End, ask your attorney to incorporate the following or similar suggested language into your will: 

I give to Leashes End Senior Pet Sanctuary & Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, federal tax identification number 81-5295214, currently located at 5622 Lake Christopher Drive, Rockville, MD 20855, the sum of

dollars (or %) (or, if insurance policies, land or other property, please describe). This gift is unrestricted, and may be designated at the discretion of the board of directors.

Thank you again for considering Leashes End Senior Pet Sanctuary & Rescue in your charitable giving! A bequest to Leashes End helps us provide a loving home and gold-standard care to senior and special needs cats and dogs who have lost their homes and families at a time in their lives when they are most vulnerable.