Our Feline Residents - Not Available for Adoption

Bandit: On 25 March 2022, we welcomed 17-year-old Bandit into the Leashes End family!  Poor Bandit’s had a rocky few months!  His caregiver was hospitalized last summer with late-stage cancer.  Bandit & his littermate bounced around a couple of homes, ultimately ending up spending a few months at the county shelter where Bandit’s sibling passed away.  When Bandit’s caregiver returned home from the hospital in February, the shelter returned Bandit to her.  But a few days later, SHE passed away (RIP)!  A Good Samaritan vet tech had been stopping by to feed Bandit for over a month, but Bandit’s time in his deceased owner’s home was running out.  If this tragic tale has a silver lining, it’s that Bandit is doing well here at Leashes End.  He’s adjusting quickly to his new digs, eating well, and winning hearts.  Bandit has stage 3/4 kidney disease but will live out his life here in as much comfort as we can provide.

Christiano: 15-year-old Christiano joined the Leashes End family on 29 March 2022 as a complete surprise! Christiano’s caregiver had to move out of her home in a real hurry. Plus, she has a medical condition that will require her focus for a while. So she asked us to please care for Christians. Adding to the sadness of losing his home, Christiano’s bonded littermate passed away a week before he arrived. But Christiano has proven amazingly resilient!  He wasted no time exploring the house and settling in. He’s comfortable with dogs and cats and moonlights in my bedroom at night.  He’s amazing to look at and even more amazing to pet.  Sadly, Christiano has cancer as well as hyperthyroidism.  While we can treat the latter, there’s not much we can do for the carcinoma … except give Christiano an awesome lot of love.

Girly: When the MCAS shelter asked if I could take in senior kitty Girly in 2019, we had no idea the she was a celebrity! 22-year-old Girly (along with Kizzy and Pootie) is one of three seniors dubbed the “Golden Girls,” who needed OUT of the shelter ASAP. So we opened up a special room for them!  We were completely overwhelmed by how many volunteers and fosters at MCAS loved and cared for these senior girls and who now are eagerly following their lives here. Girly weighs all of four pounds but has a giant personality. She is very assertive when it comes to cuddles and attention. She loves to be rubbed and purrs like a muscle car! She also eats like a horse and we have no idea where she’s putting it all!  

Holly: On May 20, 2021 Mike Bodley and Julie Riker drove down from Pennsylvania with Simon and Holly, the pair of bonded 18-year-old cats … along with toys, food, supplies, love and a huge surprise donation that brought me to tears.  Charles and Helga Bodley (may they Rest In Peace) Holly and Simon in 2003 tfrom Molly’s Place Animal Rescue. They lovingly cared for these two cats like their own children. When Charles, an Army veteran and animal lover, passed away in 2019, his family requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Molly’s Place, Simon and Holly’s alma mater. The cats lived on with Helga until she passed away on March 5, 2021. They stayed by her side as she lay in bed and kept her company right to the end. Now 19 years old, Holly is very shy.  She prefers caves to trees and is highly selective in the company she keeps. But she is sweet and has a phenomenal appetite.  


JinJin:  JinJin is an 9-year-old male, bob-tailed orange tabby. He was found in the pouring rain with a jaw that had been malformed at birth and hung open. Although the condition was not operable it was manageable. Today, he’s still unable to close his mouth all the way, but his jaw no longer hangs open.  JinJin is a voracious hunter of mice, which he likes to present to Kelley as tribute! He also loves to be held and cuddled by his human companions. In addition to purring, he wags his bobbed tail like a dog when content. JinJin is a social animal and he loves to interact with the dogs, humans, visitors, and any other creature that wanders onto or near the property.

Kizzy: When the MCAS shelter asked if I could take in senior kitty Kizzy in 2019, we had no idea the she was a celebrity! 20-year-old Kizzy (along with Girly and Pootie) is one of three seniors dubbed the “Golden Girls,” who needed OUT of the shelter. So we opened up a special room for them!  We were overwhelmed by how many volunteers and fosters at MCAS loved and cared for these senior girls and who now are eagerly following their lives here. Kizzy loves to eat and relax;  she’s gotten kind of fat and looks like a pumpkin! When not entertaining company, she can be found snuggled up in a fuzzy blanket in a closet corner she’s claimed as her own.

Lady Valentine: is a healthy, 12-year-old calico. She came with Grandpa Kitty (who has since passed away) as a package deal and boy are we glad she did! This is quite possibly the sweetest kitty EVAH! She is a total snuggle-bunny-purrring-love-machine. She also likes to accompany us on outings when we walk the dogs as long as she’s not too busy holding down the couch for us. A bit of an Epicurean, Lady V. has to sample ALL the food bowls each morning before the other cats may partake.

Matza Ball: When 12-year-old Matza Ball joined Leashes End (with her littermate Motzi) in March 2013, she was just plain Matza! But over the years, our sweetest of all kitties, has demonstrated a penchant for marathon noshing! Not that you could tell: Um, does this sofa make me look fat? No shocker that our vet recently prescribed laser play exercise as a means to help Matza Ball recover the svelte kitty we all know is still somewhere inside her! In addition to food, Matza loves relaxing. Matza has turned relaxation into an art form! While she does enjoy walking around the grounds with the pack, she never strays far from the house … well, not without whining the whole way!

MollyCat: In mid-May, 2022, we welcomed 13-year-old MollyCat and her littermate Boots into the Leashes End family when their original caretaker passed away. MollyCat is very shy … she has taken up residence in the library and scarcely leaves the room.  She especially loves one particular cubby hole to hide in.  MollyCat loves treats and comes to life, giving kisses and and ankle swirls each evening during treat time.  She is also extremely affectionate and loves everyone. Welcome home, MollyCat!  We sure do love you!

Motzi: 12-year old Motzi (and her littermate Matza Ball) joined our family in March 2013. A disabled veteran surrendered both to us when his third companion-cat had kittens, a burden too great for him to handle. Motzi absolutely loves to roam the great outdoors where she gets especially dirty! But she also enjoys coming inside to relax and like her sister never misses a meal! Uh, yeah!  These girls could definitely stand to shed a few pounds!

Shady: 19-year old (Slim) Shady joined our family in May 2022 and immediately moved in with Kari. Shady’s original family is moving overseas and didn’t think Shady would survive the long trip. Shady is incredibly outgoing, he socializes with dogs, ventures outside onto the patio, and loves to play with human visitors.  What a terrific cat! Welcome to the family, Shady!

Tigger: 16-year-old Tigger came to live at Leashes End in mid-July 2022. His human mom had to leave the country and asked us to take him in.  She was afraid that Tigger’s thyroid condition, advanced age, and slightly fractious personality would hinder his chances of adoption. And Tigger did not disappoint! He started out his tenure here downright surly. But after a while, between realizing he’s safe and cared for and receiving medication for his hormonal imbalance, he mellowed significantly.  Tigger mainly sleeps during the day or watches a few reels of videos for cats.  He ventures outside at night where he enjoys stretching out on his favorite bench.  Welcome home, Tigger.