Our Feline Residents

Big Frank: 13-year-old Big Frank (aka Frankie Four Paws) joined the Leashes End Family in January 2018.  He is a hefty black and white galoot who lost his family when his dad passed away and his mom went into a nursing home. Theirs was the only home he had known for over a decade. He found himself living in the vet’s office for nearly a month, which is too long for such a sweet fellow to be without a real home and family. Frankie is shy but will come out and play and even cuddle, once he gets to know you. Because Frankie was declawed, he eschews the litter box, which makes him a difficult candidate for adoption. But he has adapted well to the dogs’ pee pads–problem solved! Frankie accompanies Risa every morning to the bathroom vanity so he can have his head and ears rubbed while she brushes her teeth. His loud, chirping purr is the most amazing sound!

Blackie: Blackie is a 12-year old male tuxedo. He was surrendered to us by a family in Washington State in 2010, when they moved to an apartment which did not allow pets. Blackie enjoys both playing outdoors and relaxing with the family indoors. He has a soft spot for cuddling with Mac and enjoys having his belly rubbed. And if you do rub his belly, he’ll reward you with a “backstroke” paddle of his paws! Basically an Emo-sensitive “wimpy potato,” Blackie is just an affectionate lover always in search of a lap. Thank goodness for our volunteer Chelsa!  Blackie has totally fallen in love with her and looks forward to her every visit!

Girly: When the MCAS shelter asked if I could take in senior kitty Girly, we had no idea the she was a celebrity! 21-year-old Girly (along with Kizzy and Pootie) is one of three seniors dubbed the “Golden Girls,” who needed OUT of the shelter ASAP. So we opened up a special room for them!  We were completely overwhelmed by how many volunteers and fosters at MCAS loved and cared for these senior girls and who now are eagerly following their acclimation here. Girly weighs all of four pounds but has a giant personality. She is very assertive when it comes to cuddles and attention. She loves to be rubbed and purrs like a muscle car! She also eats like a horse and we have no idea where she’s putting it all!  

JinJin: JinJin is a 7-year-old male, bob-tailed orange tabby. He was found in the pouring rain with a jaw that had been malformed at birth and hung open. Although the condition was not operable it was manageable. Today, he’s still unable to close his mouth all the way, but his jaw no longer hangs open.  JinJin is a voracious hunter of mice, which he likes to present to Nanny Kelley as tribute! He also loves to be held and cuddled by his human companions. In addition to purring, he wags his bobbed tail like a dog when content. JinJin is a social animal and he loves to interact with the dogs, humans, visitors, and any other creature that wanders onto or near the property.

Kiva: Kiva is an 19-year-old female who came to Leashes End in November 2016. Kiva’s owner dropped her off in a state of horrible neglect.  Blind in one eye due to a detached retina, her long silky fur was so severely matted, she had to be shaved, revealing a massive necrotic tumor on her back! We had the tumor surgically removed in 2016 and her bad eye removed in 2018, much to Kiva’s relief! Sadly, Kiva’s remaining eye had to be removed due to glaucoma later that year, rendering her completely blind. Kiva lives in the home gym (at least someone uses it!) in a cozy corner all her own. She is the darling of all our volunteers and a huge fan of WETA Classical Radio!

Kizzy: When the MCAS shelter asked if I could take in senior kitty Kizzy, we had no idea the she was a celebrity! 18-year-old Kizzy (along with Girly and Pootie) is one of three seniors dubbed the “Golden Girls,” who needed OUT of the shelter. So we opened up a special room for them!  We were overwhelmed by how many volunteers and fosters at MCAS loved and cared for these senior girls and who now are eagerly following their acclimation here. Poor Kizzy got off to a rocky start here … she had a GI reaction to a change in diet (colitis) and spent two nights at the BluePearl Veterinary Partners ER recovering! The outpouring of community support for her (including generous donations for her care) was amazing! Kizzy is fully recovered now–actually, she’s gotten kind of fat and looks like a pumpkin! When not entertaining company, she can be found snuggled up in a fuzzy blanket in a closet corner she’s claimed as her own.

Matza Ball: When 10-year-old Matza Ball joined Leashes End (with her littermate Motzi) in March 2013, she was just plain Matza! But over the years, our sweetest of all kitties, has demonstrated a penchant for marathon noshing! Not that you could tell: Um, does this sofa make me look fat? No shocker that our vet recently prescribed laser play exercise as a means to help Matza Ball recover the svelte kitty we all know is still somewhere inside her! In addition to food, Matza loves relaxing. Matza has turned relaxation into an art form! While she does enjoy walking around the grounds with the pack, she never strays far from the house … well, not without whining the whole way!

Melvin: Melvin is a gorgeous, healthy, 12-year-old Russian Blue male from the shores of Miami Beach. Melvin came to live with us in October 2015 when his human could no longer care for him. Melvin absolutely adores playing outside with JinJin and Sage and he also enjoys accompanying the dogs on their daily walks. Oh hey! Did a cat just slap you with his paw?! Yup! That was Melvin … he takes his treats seriously, and he doesn’t take no for an answer. If you come to visit us, be sure to check your car for Melvin before leaving … he’s a notorious stowaway!

Mina:  Mina is a 15-year-old Persian who came to us when her own care-giver became severely ill, requiring extensive medical care. Mina is a cuddle bunny! She loves to crawl in bed with us and purr her head off under the covers. She is sweet to the core … don’t let her regal Persian demeanor give you the wrong idea! She’s not in the least standoffish. Mina prefers cat caves to cat trees and loves playing with Kitty Stix. Though she’s been seen exploring the house, she’s made her residence with the golden oldies on the top floor. Most recently, Mina has taken over our guest room and subjects all overnight guests to her cuddles!

Motzi: 10-year old Motzi (and her littermate Matza Ball) joined our family in March 2013. A disabled veteran surrendered both to us when his third companion-cat had kittens, a burden too great for him to handle. Motzi absolutely loves to roam the great outdoors where she gets especially dirty! But she also enjoys coming inside to relax and like her sister never misses a meal! Uh, yeah!  These girls could definitely stand to shed a few pounds!

Pootie: When the MCAS shelter asked if we could take in senior kitty Pootie, we had no idea the she was a celebrity! 17-year-old Pootie (along with Girly and Kizzy) is one of three seniors dubbed the “Golden Girls,” who needed OUT of the shelter. So we opened up a special room for them!  Pootie had not been doing well at the Shelter and we suspected she might be a hospice case. Nothing could be farther from the truth!  She loves to explore and we could barely contain her in sanctuary past day 2. Pootie loves to climb on cat trees, hide in closets and other nooks, and socialize. She is unperturbed by a bedroom full of dogs and other cats and cuddles close to Risa in the wee hours of the morning. You’d never guess she was a senior at all! 

Sage: Sage (or Lady Valentine as Nanny Kelley calls her because she steals your heart) is a healthy, 10-year-old calico. She came with Grandpa Kitty as a package deal and boy are we glad she did! This is quite possibly the sweetest kitty EVAH! She is a total snuggle-bunny-purrring-love-machine. She also likes to accompany us on outings when we walk the dogs as long as she’s not too busy holding down the couch for us. A bit of an Epicurean, Sage has to sample ALL the food bowls each morning before the other cats may partake.

TigerLily: 5-year-old TigerLily is the feline equivalent of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups off the impulse-buy rack at the supermarket. In December 2015, Asher took one of our seniors to the vet and came home with a kitten! Someone had left a whole litter of kittens at the vet’s door during the night and lonely TigerLily was the only one not to be adopted. So naturally, Asher brought her home! Tiger lives with Kelley but enjoys playing outside and walking with the pack.