In Memory of Our Cats

Bonnie:  We said goodbye to 18-year old Bonnie far too soon back in November, 2016 . At 18, she was the oldest of a group of cats who were orphaned when their person passed away. She came to live with us on September 18th and spent every night sleeping in bed with Asher, grooming his head, and purring so loudly I could hear her over the phone. In spite of Asher's Herculean efforts to save her--administering medication and IV fluids multiple times a day--she began to succumb to advanced kidney disease. Her quality of life steadily diminishing until she could barely move her head, let alone walk. Our vet came to the house to help her across the bridge while Asher held her.  RIP sweet Bonnie.

Big Frank:  Big Frank, our 14-year-old Tuxedo passed away early on the morning of May 11, 2021. He had suffered a heart attack or stroke and expired just as we reached the ER. Big Frank was a jovial prankster who lived in my bedroom and always kept me on my toes. He was an incredibly friendly and sociable kitty who loved games, and interacting with people, especially while I would change out the bed sheets.  Big Frank joined the Leashes End Family in January 2018.  He was a hefty black and white galoot who lost his family when his dad passed away and his mom went into a nursing home. Theirs was the only home he had known for over a decade. He found himself living in the vet’s office for nearly a month, which is too long for such a sweet fellow to be without a real home and family. Because Frankie was declawed, he eliminated outside the litter box, which made him a difficult candidate for adoption. (Please NEVER declaw a cat.) But at Leashes End, he adapted well to the dogs’ pee pads–problem solved! Frankie accompanied me every morning to the bathroom vanity so he could have his head and ears rubbed while I brushed my teeth. He climbed in bed with me for cuddles no matter how many other cats and dogs were already there. His loud, chirping purr was the most amazing sound! Big Frank, with your passing we have lost a lovable imp. RIP Big Frank. Life will be so much duller without you.  May your memory be a blessing. Z”L

Creamsicle:  In early May, our friend, valiant volunteer, and devoted cat lover, Lois Greer, alerted us to Creamsicle's situation. Poor boy! 15-year-old Creamsicle had been found as a stray on the street! With no claws, no teeth, and an indentation in his fur where his collar once had been. Creamsicle was not doing well in the shelter and we thought we could give him some more comfortable digs. Although we improved his surroundings ... he seemed to really love the soft bed in the window overlooking the back yard ... we were sadly unable to improve his medical condition. He had severe anemia and would not eat. We force-fed him three times a day and administered IV fluids over the course of ten days, but we could not stop his downward decline. Ultimately, we had to let him go and assist him across the Rainbow Bridge. I want to extend a special thanks to Lois for all her assistance and support with Creamsicle.Thank you also to the other MCAS volunteers who came to see him off before the end.

Fluffy:  On August 24th, 2018, we had to say goodbye to Fluffy. 19-year old Fluffy McFlatface came to Leashes End in late November, 2016. Because she had been declawed, she would eliminate outside the litter box. And because she eliminated inappropriately, she suffered a lifetime of neglect and probable abuse. We know that she had been turned into the shelter multiple times by frustrated owners and that she had suffered from blunt force trauma which damaged her kidneys. We did our best to make sure her final years were comfortable and relaxed. Fluffy spent her days snoozing in her room but would come out when the house was quiet to explore. I believe she appreciated the kindness she found here, late in life though it came. RIP Fluffy. You deserved much, much better.

Grandpa: On December 1st, 2019 we had to say goodbye to our beloved Grandpa kitty.  Grandpa was 22 years old and his health had begun to deteriorate.  Grandpa came to Leashes End in March 2016, when his owner surrendered him after nearly 18 years. At his age, he spent most of his days (and nights) snoozing in his favorite nook.  Until recently, that nook was in the huge bay window of the living room, overlooking the garden … prime real estate!  Grandpa enjoyed short expeditions into the front yard to wander among the flowers, take in some fresh air, and sunbathe on the stone pavers. He also had the loudest purr ever, which he would treat us to every evening when he would climb aboard our laps for some loving! RIP, Grandpa Kitty.  We will miss you forever.  May your memory be a blessing.

Granny: Granny Crabcakes was 20 years old and had ruled the roost here at Leashes End since coming to live with us in December 2015. A top floor cat, she spent most of her days lounging in a cat teepee that overlooks the foyer so she could look down in judgment on everyone and monitor all their comings and goings. Whenever humans failed to do her bidding, she never hesitated to let us know! Granny passed away on Thanksgiving Day 2018. Granny’s favorite place to nap was on Asher’s lap so it’s fitting that she was able to spend her final hours on earth cuddled up with him as he assisted her across the bridge.  RIP, Granny Crabcakes. We’ll miss your cattitude.

Maggie:  We said goodbye to Maggie on September 8th, 2017.  18-year old Maggie joined the Leashes End family in February, 2017. Maggie suffered from hyperthyroidism and was unable to eat enough to maintain a healthy weight. In spite of our best efforts, we were unable to correct her severe metabolic condition. She had lost a significant amount of weight over the last month of her life and had taken a turn for the worse. Ultimately, we decided that letting her go was our kindest option. Maggie, we will miss you!


Melvin: Melvin's gone home to his Dad! Melvin is a gorgeous, healthy, senior Russian Blue male from the shores of Miami Beach. Melvin came to live with us in October 2015 when his human could no longer care for him. Melvin absolutely adored playing outside with JinJin and Sage and he also enjoyed accompanying the dogs on their daily walks. Oh hey! Did a cat just slap you with his paw?! Yup! That was Melvin ... he takes his treats seriously, and he doesn't take no for an answer. In February, 2020, Melvin went back to live with his Dad and a new Yorkie brother in Washington, D.C.  Live long and prosper, Melvin!


Mina: RIP Mina. Sweet kitty, you will be dearly missed.  Mina, our 19-year-old Persian passed away early on the morning of May 4th, 2021, having suffered an apparent stroke late the night before. Her foster mom Audrey, our former resident staffer, cuddled with her on the couch all night through to the end. Audrey and Mina had formed an unbreakable bond, having shared a room for a year. So when Audrey moved on, Mina moved with her!  Mina was a cuddle bunny! She loved to crawl in bed and purr her head off under the covers. Mina preferred cat caves to cat trees and loved playing with Kitty Stix. Last year, Mina was diagnosed with a serious heart murmur and advanced renal failure; this year she grew incontinent. She required daily subcutaneous fluids, a special diet, and diapers...all of which Audrey handled like a pro in spite of giving birth to her own human baby in February!  Mina, you were a sweet and gentle soul. Rest In peace and may your memory be a blessing. Z”L

Robert Redford: (Now called Annan.) Still alive and doing really well!  Except his name is now Anan (Hebrew for cloud) and he's living it up in Philadelphia.  Anan is more of a teddy bear than a cat ... he's a huge, cuddly, 13-year-old bumbler.  He was born the runt of his litter (something his current stature makes difficult to believe), with a crippling birth defect, and not breathing! The family managed to resuscitate him and in spite of his physical disabilities, he got on rather well most of his life. But last year, his human mom got pregnant and was told that she would not be able to tend to Robert Redford's special needs during the pregnancy or her baby's infancy. Poor Robert Redford! He was born with neurological impairment that denies him the full use his hind legs. He was also born without a tail ... no tail at all! But worst of all, his impairment affects his bowels and he requires periodic cleanings of his bum. Robert Redford needed a slightly quieter home than Leashes End ... one with only one feline companion.  So he moved in with my brother's family, where he provides their previously solo kitty Arafel a bit of companionship and where my nephew and nieces can spoil him rotten!


Simon: On May 20, 2021 Mike Bodley and Julie Riker drove down from Pennsylvania with Simon and Holly, the pair of bonded 18-year-old cats … along with toys, food, supplies, love and a huge surprise donation that brought me to tears.  Charles and Helga Bodley (may they Rest In Peace) Holly and Simon in 2003 tfrom Molly’s Place Animal Rescue. They lovingly cared for these two cats like their own children. When Charles, an Army veteran and animal lover, passed away in 2019, his family requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Molly’s Place, Simon and Holly’s alma mater. The cats lived on with Helga until she passed away on March 5, 2021. They stayed by her side as she lay in bed and kept her company right to the end. Simon was very outgoing and loved to explore.  Sadly, Simon passed away in his sleep on the night of June 19th, 2021.


Tommy Girl: In late July 2019, we said goodbye to 18-year-old Tommy Girl.  She had been with us for just over two years, having come to us in late May 2017.  Poor Tommy had languished for months at the local shelter prior to coming to Leashes End. In spite of her advanced age, Tommy lived life to the fullest here.  A real chatterbox, Tommy pranced around the house all night long murmuring and burbling to anyone who would listen! Tommy had the most enchanting golden eyes and developed a strong bond to Kelley.  RIP, Tommy Girl; we miss you.

Tova:  Still alive and doing well!  Tova the long term "foster" or the one who got away? I think it's safe to say at this point that Tova has moved in with our neighbor Tom. Tova is a healthy young Tuxedo female who was ostensibly on loan to us from an Army veteran. Tova came to live with us in March 2016 while her human mom worked through the transition from military to civilian life and focused on recovering from physical and emotional traumas suffered in the line of duty. But alas: Tova is a high energy loner who prefers the great outdoors to being cooped up inside the house. In 2018, we discovered that she had taken up with our neighbors who feed her and who even built her a whole heated kitty condo in their garage!