Our Canine Residents - Not available for adoption

Allie: Allie is a 14-year-old female Maltese who joined the Leashes End family in August 2017.  A retired puppy mill breeder, Allie ended up at a shelter in Hesperia, CA in May 2017 in horrifying physical condition. Risa, who was stationed in San Diego at the time, learned of Allie’s situation from a friend and simply could not get poor Allie’s haunting image out of her mind. Luckily, Risa’s friend Dawn Lierman of Maltese and More Rescue graciously pulled Allie out of the shelter and into their rescue where Risa was able to foster Allie until ultimately adopting her.  Allie suffers from severe and painful arthritis which impacts her mobility.  She lost all of her teeth to neglect and is losing her eyesight. You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but this little fluff has quite the temper!  So look out!

Blue:  Blue is a 16-year-old, 30-lb Schnoodle, which is to say that he’s quite the chonker! (To be blunt, Dr. Streck says he’s fat!)  He ended up in the Baltimore County Shelter when his human passed away … and that’s just no place for a completely deaf, mostly blind, arthritic gentleman of a certain age with extreme emotional issues.  So on March 4th, 2020, Blue joined the Leashes End family.  Blue has an eclectic palate (no kidding)!  He also loves rump rubs and isn’t shy about pressing into you to get them. At the shelter, the vet removed a mass from Blue’s derrière, which we subsequently learned was cancerous. We’re doing everything we can to keep Blue as comfortable and loved as possible and to prevent the cancer from returning. Meanwhile, Blue is having an awesome time living it up in the Leashes End style, romping through the grounds, eating great food, and, of course, getting lots of pets and scritches … particularly on his bum!

Buddha: On January 18th, 2018, we welcomed now 20-year-old Buddha into the Leashes End family! Buddha came to us from a family that could no longer care for his increasing special needs. Buddha suffers from advanced heart disease, fainting spells, an enlarged prostate, an old eye injury, and other ailments typical of a dog his age. Since seeing our cardiologist, Buddha’s health has shown tremendous improvement, but as you can imagine we take life one day at a time. Buddha is unfailingly polite, LOVES chicken, enjoys running around off-leash, is endlessly curious about cats, and has an insatiable desire for belly rubs. He’s a perfect fit here at Leashes End! In fact, he’s exactly the kind of dog we founded Leashes End to help!

Max: 13-year-old Max and his 12-year-old brother Sammy joined the Leashes End family on October 19th, 2017. Max and Sammy had found themselves adopted and returned to the Baltimore County shelter twice over the past decade when their owners fell on hard times. Luckily, all that is behind them now. These two characters marched right in to Leashes End and made themselves at home without missing a beat! Max (aka “The Sheriff”) is a policeman at heart and lets all the other dogs (and neighborhood kids) know it: there will be no Shenanigans on his beat! Max loves to tussle with his brother Sammy and then snuggle up with him for naps.

Mikey:  On Feruary 25, 2021, we welcomed 17-year-old Jack Russell mix Mikey into the Leashes End family. The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria … the shelter that entrusted us with 19-year-old Archie (RIP) … felt that we would be a good place for Super Senior Mikey to live out his years. Mikey is in pretty good shape for his age, but a palsy in his legs may indicate a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s. Although mostly snoozy, Mikey has an independent streak. He quickly figured out how to let himself out the dog door for romps on the grass. Mikey is a very low key, no fuss sort of guy.  He loves treats, soft beds, good food, and romps.  He also doesn’t mind snuggling with me in bed for a while before lights out.

Millie: 10-year-old Millie joined Leashes End on August 29, 2020 as a complete surprise!  Millie’s owner had been hospitalized quite suddenly for the long term, leaving Millie needing a new home. Her owner’s brother  asked us to take her in. One look at little Millie and we couldn’t say no! She clearly needed help.  Millie was matted, dirty, flea-infested, and underweight. She also desperately needed a dental to care for her loose, bleeding, and infected teeth; all her vaccinations; and a microchip. Millie let us know right away that she thoroughly approves of soft chicken! She bounced back so well from her dental surgery and other care that she has easily become the most energetic dog in the house.  She zooms around the yard, literally running circles around us and the other dogs and cats!  She’s sweet and affectionate and a perfect fit here!

Minnie: 15-year-old miniature Schnoodle Minnie needed a new home and in early April, 2021, that’s just what we gave her. Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for a senior.  But Dog help me, should that senior have elf ears! I just can’t help myself!  Minnie is an owner surrender from a loving family where she lived all her life. Unfortunately, circumstances being as they are these days, Minnie’s family could no longer provide her with the specialized care she needs. Minnie is deaf, going blind, and clearly has dementia. She also appears to have kidney issues, a bit of incontinence, and was in dire need of a dental. Her mouth was so infected, Dr. Streck pulled out most of her teeth with her bare fingers!  She also closed a small fistula to her nasal cavity. Minnie is adjusting well to life at Leashes End. She loves romping in the grass, napping in front of the heater, and scarfing down Kelley’s delicious meals!  For comic relief, she gets into the occasional barking argument with Mouse … a definite must see!  In short, she’s a perfect fit.

Molly: On March 9, 2021 we welcomed 18-year-old Molly Muggle the Puggle into the Leashes End family. (Truth be told, we think she may actually be a Pug-Dachshund mix.) Molly came with a lifelong veterinary record, showing just how beloved she was until her human passed away.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a perpetuity care plan for your pets in the event something happens to you. Molly has the energy of a puppy!  She’s learning how fun it can be to bark at cats … shame on you, Molly!  And she loves to chase and play keep-away with stuffed squeaky toys.  As for appetites … hers is hardy!  Such a gorgeous girl!

Moose: 10-year-old Moose, formerly Moby, joined Leashes End on September 12, 2020. Moose had been languishing at the Raleigh Humane Society in West Virginia for months, after being turned in as a stray … for the umpteenth time in his life. See, Moose has a problem.  He has an old back injury that causes lameness in his back paws and also, unfortunately, incontinence of both bowel and bladder.  We figure it was the latter condition that led to poor Moose’s being abandoned and betrayed throughout his life. It’s a pretty big challenge, even for us.  But his condition is manageable and we’ve got it under wraps (literally)! Moose needed a neuter and dental, but rebounded very quickly from his double surgery. Moose is about the friendliest, most easy-going dog you could ever meet. He’s chill with the other dogs and cats … he’s formed a special friendship with tiny Mouse!  He wears a perpetual good-natured smile. He LOVES chicken and treats.  But mostly, Moose loves being loved … getting to be an indoor dog, and even getting to sleep in bed with his Mom at night.

Mouse: 14-year-old Mouse (aka Lynda) is our resident “foster failure.”  She initially joined us on loan from AWL Alexandria as a foster.  But as of April 29, 2021 she became a permanent party. Huge thanks to AWL Alexandria for letting us keep her! Mouse is absolutely tiny, weighing in at just over 4lbs.  So of course she’s hooked up with ginormous Moose as her BFF.  Mouse has rules when it comes to humans though:  Look, but don’t touch!  We are absolutely, positively not allowed to touch the Mouse.  So, for the most part (notable exceptions being grooming and veterinary visits) we’ve arrived at an accommodation with this little lady.  The Mouse underwent quite the ordeal during her dental surgery (provided courtesy of AWL Alexandria). She had 32 extractions and went into cardiac arrest under anesthesia! She had to be revived with CPR. But the Mouse didn’t skip a beat in her rapid recovery.  Maybe some day she’ll let us hold her. It’s good to have aspirations, you know.

Olive: On May 21, 2021, we welcomed 15-year-old Shih Tzu Olive into the Leashes End family. Poor Olive was found wandering the streets of College Park, MD as a stray. Animal Control Officer Rebecca Bailey went above and beyond to ensure that Olive’s immediate needs were taken care of before transferring her to our care. Olive was severely matted, literally head-to-toe. Filthy mats covering her bottom prevented her from properly relieving herself. And her one eye was also matted shut and raging with infection! She is mostly blind in her one eye and appears mostly deaf as well. The good news is that she is safe, loved, on the road to wellness, and has a great appetite. She has made herself at home in my bed and snores like a freight train … even louder than Molly!

Parker: Parker is a 15-year-old Chihuahua, but you’d hardly know it from his puppy-like antics. He’s been Kelley’s constant companion since she took him in nine years ago from a mother who could not care for both him and her young autistic son. A joker through and through, Parker and Quincy are bosom buddies and avid wrestling partners! Parker loves treats, lounging, and goading on the other dogs with his lazy barking from the couch. A gentle soul, Parker suffers from herniated discs in his back, which limit his mobility.

Quincy: Toothless, 5-pound Quincy found himself wandering the mean streets of Orange County, CA. He was picked up as an emaciated stray and turned into a shelter where Lovebugs Rescue found him and treated him for a serious heart condition (patent ductus arteriosus), which required surgery. 14-year-old Quincy came to live with us in November 2015. Quincy is Head of Security at Leashes End and he loves his job. Each morning he clears the property of uninvited deer; he admonishes all passersby who cross in front of our yard without written authorization; and scolds anyone he thinks may be committing a violation of any kind. And true to his Alma Mater, Quincy is indeed a Lovebug. He has one steadfast rule: you may pet any other dog or cat so long as you’re petting me as well!

Sammy: 12-year-old Sammy and his 13-year-old brother Max joined the Leashes End family on October 19th, 2017. Sammy and Max had found themselves adopted and returned to the Baltimore County shelter twice over the past decade when their owners fell on hard times. Luckily, all that is behind them now. These two characters marched right in to Leashes End and made themselves at home without missing a beat! Sammy is a cuddler, a kisser (French kisses are his favorite), and never passes up an opportunity to bilk a human for treats and scritches. When there’s no human readily available, he snuggles close to Max, usually belly up so the whole world can marvel at his glory!

Tootsie:  7-year-old Tootsie joined the Leashes End family in October 2019.  Kelley, who is a groomer, took on Tootsie as pro bono case in August, 2019. This poor girl desperately needed to be groomed and to see the vet. Her fur was so matted it was painful; her filthy skin beneath was covered in sores. Her nails were so overgrown she could barely walk. She could scarcely peer out to see beyond the shock of fur covering her eyes. Ugh… and the smell of her!  But when Kelley called to schedule Tootsie’s next grooming, she learned that her owner had moved out of state and left Tootsie with her housemates! We immediately arranged to take her into the Leashes End family so we could tend to her numerous veterinary and other needs! Tootsie has blossomed into a very confident, sweet, and affectionate girl, but with a wild streak, making her a perfect companion to the Chihuahuas!