Our Canine Residents

Allie: Allie is a 13-year-old female Maltese who joined the Leashes End family in August 2017.  A retired puppy mill breeder, Allie was dumped at a shelter in Hesperia, CA in May 2017 in horrifying physical condition. Risa, who was stationed in San Diego at the time, learned of Allie’s situation from a friend and simply could not get poor Allie’s haunting image out of her mind. Luckily, Risa’s friend Dawn Lierman of Maltese and More Rescue graciously pulled Allie out of the shelter and into their rescue where Risa was able to foster Allie until ultimately adopting her.  Allie suffers from severe arthritis in her elbows and lost all of her teeth to neglect, but is otherwise pretty healthy these days.  She never lets her physical limitations slow her down and loves to run around the grounds.

Blue:  Blue is a 15-year-old, 20-lb Schnoodle, which is to say that he’s quite the chonker! He ended up in the Baltimore County Shelter when his human passed away … and that’s just no place for a deaf, mostly blind, arthritic gentleman of a certain age.  So on March 4th, 2020, Blue joined the Leashes End family.  Blue has a terrific appetite and is first in line wherever treats are available!  He also loves rump rubs and isn’t shy about pressing into you to get them. At the shelter, the vet removed a mass from Blue’s derrière, which we have subsequently learned is cancerous.  We’re doing everything we can to keep Blue as comfortable and loved as possible and to prevent the cancer from spreading. Meanwhile, Blue is having an awesome time living it up in the Leashes End style, romping through the grounds, eating great food, and, of course, getting lots of pets and scritches … particularly on his bum!

Buddha: On January 18th, 2018, we welcomed now 19-year-old Buddha into the Leashes End family! Buddha came to us from a family that could no longer care for his increasing special needs. Buddha suffers from advanced heart disease, fainting spells, an enlarged prostate, an old eye injury, and other ailments typical of a dog his age, such as incontinence. Since seeing our cardiologist, Buddha’s health has shown tremendous improvement, but he’s got a ways to go. Buddha is unfailingly polite, LOVES chicken, enjoys running around off-leash, is endlessly curious about cats, and has an insatiable desire for belly rubs. He’s a perfect fit here at Leashes End! In fact, he’s exactly the kind of dog we founded Leashes End to help!

Mac: Mac is a 18-year-old Maltese male. He survived 10 years as a stud dog in a puppy mill prior to being rescued by A Forever Home Rescue Organization. Mac came to us four years ago to live out his golden years. He’s a real cuddler who loves to be held like a baby in arms. He also relishes running around the grounds off leash, making up for all those years of having been locked in a cage. Mac’s greatest joy is snuggling up close to Risa. Mac suffers from dementia, is completely toothless, deaf, and is losing his eyesight. Nevertheless this little guy continues to live each day to the fullest. Never underestimate these Seniors!

Max: 13-year-old Max and his 12-year-old brother Sammy joined the Leashes End family on October 19th, 2017. Max and Sammy had found themselves adopted and returned to the Baltimore County shelter twice over the past decade when their owners fell on hard times.Luckily, all that is behind them now.These two characters marched right in to Leashes End and made themselves at home without missing a beat! Max is a policeman at heart and lets all the other dogs (and neighborhood kids) know it: there will be no Shenanigans on his beat! Max loves to tussle with his brother Sammy and then snuggle up with him for naps.

Parker: Parker is a 15-year-old Chihuahua, but you’d hardly know it from his puppy-like antics. He’s been Kelley’s constant companion since she took him in nine years ago from a mother who could not care for both him and her young autistic son. A joker through and through, Parker and Quincy are bosom buddies and avid wrestling partners! Parker loves treats, lounging, and goading on the other dogs with his lazy barking from the couch. A gentle soul, Parker suffers from herniated discs in his back, which limit his mobility.

Pippa: Also known as “Goldie, ” 14-year-old Pippa joined the Leashes End family on March 15th, 2020.  She is a long-haired mix of some sort. Maltese, maybe?  We’re waiting for her fur to grow back in to make a better guess. Pippa was surrendered by her owners at the Montgomery County Shelter after what appears to have been a lifetime of neglect and probable abuse.  But other than a single vet report from 2019 (rabies and distemper shots), we have no idea about her history. What we do know is that she’s coming along great here at Leashes End.  Every new day she blossoms just a little bit more.  She’s surrounded by love and a good, caring family now and for the rest of her life.

Quincy: Toothless, 5-pound Quincy found himself wandering the mean streets of Orange County, CA. He was picked up as an emaciated stray and turned into a shelter where Lovebugs Rescue found him and treated him for a serious heart condition (patent ductus arteriosus), which required surgery. 14-year-old Quincy came to live with us in November 2015. Quincy is Head of Security at Leashes End and he loves his job. Each morning he clears the property of uninvited deer; he admonishes all passersby who cross in front of our yard without written authorization; and scolds anyone he thinks may be committing a violation of any kind. And true to his Alma Mater, Quincy is indeed a Lovebug. He has one steadfast rule: you may pet any other dog or cat so long as you’re petting me as well!

Sammy: 12-year-old Sammy and his 13-year-old brother Max joined the Leashes End family on October 19th. Sammy and Max had found themselves adopted and returned to the Baltimore County shelter twice over the past decade when their owners fell on hard times. Luckily, all that is behind them now. These two characters marched right in to Leashes End and made themselves at home without missing a beat! Sammy is a cuddler, a kisser (French kisses are his favorite), and never passes up an opportunity to bilk a human for treats and scritches. When there’s no human readily available, he snuggles close to Max, usually belly up so the whole world can marvel at his glory!

Sheldon: Sheldon is a 16-year-old Westie and just as cute as they come! We welcomed Sheldon into the Leashes End family in early December 2018 when his aging parents could no longer take care of him. Sheldon’s mom entered hospice, battling through some serious health issues, while Sheldon’s dad focused on caring for his mom. So we’ll worry about taking care of Sheldon and send his parents our warmest wishes for good health.  Sheldon loves romping around off leash, gnawing on squeaky toys, vigorous full-body rubs, and … well, um … chasing cats! We’re working on convincing him to abandon this last hobby! 

Stella: 16-year-old Stella joined the Leashes End family in March 2019.   Her mouth had been neglected for so long, her teeth were so rotten, that the vet feared some extractions would cause her jaw to deteriorate!  She had gone years without seeing a vet, and it showed.  Luckily, the surgery went ahead without complications, but the vet was ready to wire Stella’s broken jaws if necessary!  She’s nearly blind with nuclear sclerosis and limps from a luxating patella. And she was so matted from head-to-toe, it took our groomer three days to clear them. But none of that slows her down. Stella acclimated to life here in no time. She’s such a spitfire, she’s the first to run barking out the door at neighbors walking down the street.  She’s a perfect fit with her high-energy Chihuahua pack!

Tootsie:  7-year-old Tootsie joined the Leashes End family in October 2019.  Kelley, who is a groomer, took on Tootsie as pro bono case in August, 2019. This poor girl was suffering from terrible neglect. She had not been to a vet in years (if ever) and desperately needed to be groomed. Her fur was so matted it was painful; her filthy skin beneath was covered in sores. Her nails were so overgrown she could barely walk. She could scarcely peer out to see beyond the shock of fur covering her eyes. Ugh… and the smell of her!  But when Kelley called to schedule Tootsie’s next grooming, she learned that her owner had moved out of state and abandoned the dog! We found her out loose on the street and decided to take her into the Leashes End family so we could tend to her numerous veterinary and other needs! Tootsie is a very sweet and affectionate little girl, but with a wild streak, making her a perfect companion to the Chihuahuas!