Our Canine Residents - Not available for adoption

Bug: 13-year-old Yorkie Bug is tiny! She also, sadly, suffers from both kidney and liver disease.  Bug joined the Leashes End family in shortly before Thanksgiving in 2022 from the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore, where she was turned in by construction workers who found her roaming the streets on her own.  Due to her age and ailments, she was deemed a better fit in sanctuary than being adopted to the public. Bug likes the solace of the bedroom and the comfort of the king size bed! Quiet at first, Bug turns out to be a lion when it comes to food… our food! She is quite insistent that we share, and too cute to resist! That’s how Bug earned the nickname “Little Miss Bossy Britches.” What about the kidney diet? Yeah … she won’t touch that stuff!

Buddy: Now 13-year-old Malti-Poo Buddy and his older brother Snowball joined the Leashes End family in August 2022. The Floofs’ (as we call them) owner, a DoD civilian, has been sent on orders to Japan for a while. It was unlikely that the Floofs would have done well on the transpacific flight (in the hold!) or the mandatory 6-month quarantine in country.  So we’re watching the Floofs until Mom gets home. Buddy, with his signature one-ear-up look loves squeaky toys! He and Snowball run around the house bickering and getting into mischief and just generally being adorable.

Chancellor: On August 2nd, 2021, we welcomed now 16-year-old Chancellor into the Leashes End family! Chancellor is part of Leashes End’s perpetuity care program. He’d been the cherished member of a loving couple his whole life. But now his humans are getting on in age (early 90s & late 80s … and wheelchair bound).  Since they could no longer keep up with this high-energy flood, they asked us to take him.  And he’s a perfect fit here at Leashes End. He loves running around off leash and mastered the dog door within an hour of arriving! Other than some allergies and a sensitive tummy, Chancellor is in great health. Probably because he loves his veggies, especially green beans!

Chica: In April, 2022, we welcomed now 13-year-old Chica and her bonded sister Sadie (RIP) into the Leashes End family! These two lovely pups had been surrendered to the Montgomery County Animal Services shelter by their former family.  Six weeks went by with no takers … neither private adopters nor local shelters wanted these two girls.  So we took them!  Both needed dentals in a bad way and Sadie needed a volley-ball-sized tumor removed from her hip.  Chica is over-the-top boisterous in everything she does!  A bull in the china shop if ever there were one!

Doobie: On 16 January 2023, we welcomed 17-year-old Puggle Doobie into the Leashes End family.  Doobie is a sweet old fellow who loves running around our yard off leash.  He has a good appetite and gets along well with the other pets.  Doobie hasn’t seen a vet in a little while; he has a grade 3 heart murmur and needs a dental AND a neuter! His hobbies include marking around the house … but we’re hoping the neuter helps with that. Until then we’ll use stylish belly bands! Doobie enjoys sleeping on soft beds, eating good food, and prancing around with the other pets … he’s basically been partying since his arrival!


Dori: In July, 2022, we welcomed now 17-year-old Dori  into the Leashes End family! Mindy Farber of FOACAS entrusted this precious girl to us under our perpetuity care program. Dori’s previous family turned this old gal out on the streets in her old age! FOACAS determined that due to her age and nervous temperament, she’d do best in sanctuary.  And the rest is history. Dori has a heart condition and is skittish. But she loves to give nose kisses, sleep on comfy beds (hidden in corners), and knows how to use the dog door to let herself in and out. She’s the absolute sweetest girl and we love her.


Hershey: On 28 January 2022, tiny now 17-year-old Hershey, a blind, emaciated Chihuahua joined the Leashes End family.  A private surrender, Hershey has severe emotional and neurological problems.  She is also incontinent … but who isn’t at Leashes End these days?!  One month into her stay with us, Hershey has put on a lot of weight and her once-boney frame has filled out nicely. Even her hunched posture is beginning to relax. Hershey knows that she’s safe and loved. And she never misses a beat when it comes to her goats’ milk, meals, or treats!  When she’s not relaxing inside and when the weather is nice, she enjoys pacing the front yard along the fence line.  

Mikey:  On Feruary 25, 2021, we welcomed now 19-year-old Jack Russell mix Mikey into the Leashes End family. The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria … the shelter that entrusted us with 19-year-old Archie (RIP) … felt that we would be a good place for Super Senior Mikey to live out his years. Mikey is in pretty good shape for his age, but a palsy in his legs may indicate a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s. Although mostly snoozy, Mikey has an independent streak. He quickly figured out how to let himself out the dog door for romps on the grass. Mikey is a very low key, no fuss sort of guy.  He loves treats, soft beds, good food, and romps.  He also doesn’t mind snuggling with me in bed for a while before lights out.

Molly: On March 9, 2021 we welcomed now 21-year-old Molly Muggle the Puggle into the Leashes End family. (Truth be told, we think she may actually be a Pug-Dachshund mix.) Molly came with a lifelong veterinary record, showing just how beloved she was until her human passed away.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a perpetuity care plan for your pets in the event something happens to you. Molly has the energy of a puppy!  She’s learning how fun it can be to bark at cats … shame on you, Molly!  And she loves to chase and play keep-away with stuffed squeaky toys.  As for appetites … hers is hardy!  Such a gorgeous girl!

Moose: Now 12-year-old Moose, formerly Moby, joined Leashes End on September 12, 2020. Moose had been languishing at the Raleigh Humane Society in West Virginia for months, after being turned in as a stray … for the umpteenth time in his life. See, Moose has a problem.  He has an old back injury that causes lameness in his back paws and also, unfortunately, incontinence of both bowel and bladder.  We figure it was the latter condition that led to poor Moose’s being abandoned and betrayed throughout his life. It’s a pretty big challenge, even for us.  But his condition is manageable and we’ve got it under wraps (literally)! Moose needed a neuter and dental, but rebounded very quickly from his double surgery. Moose is about the friendliest, most easy-going dog you could ever meet. He’s chill with the other dogs and cats … he’s formed a special friendship with tiny Mouse!  He wears a perpetual good-natured smile. He LOVES chicken and treats.  But mostly, Moose loves being loved … getting to be an indoor dog, and even getting to sleep in bed with his Mom at night.

Mouse: Now 16-year-old Mouse (aka Lynda) is our resident “foster failure.”  She initially joined us on loan from AWL Alexandria as a foster.  But as of April 29, 2021 she became a permanent party. Huge thanks to AWL Alexandria for letting us keep her! Mouse is absolutely tiny, weighing in at just over 4lbs.  So of course she’s hooked up with ginormous Moose as her BFF.  Mouse has rules when it comes to humans though:  Look, but don’t touch!  We are absolutely, positively not allowed to touch the Mouse.  So, for the most part (notable exceptions being grooming and veterinary visits) we’ve arrived at an accommodation with this little lady.  The Mouse underwent quite the ordeal during her dental surgery (provided courtesy of AWL Alexandria). She had 32 extractions and went into cardiac arrest under anesthesia! She had to be revived with CPR. But the Mouse didn’t skip a beat in her rapid recovery.  Maybe some day she’ll let us hold her. It’s good to have aspirations, you know.

Olive B: Leashes End kicked off 2023 with a new frosted face in our midst!  Extremely food-motivated, able to reach cat food on countertops, and no problems barging through most pet gates like it was nothing at all, 14-year-old Olive B is keeping things lively!  Olive loves to hike with Kari … well, she loves to do anything with Kari and follows her around with gaga eyes.  We’re not sure why, but after nearly a decade and a half, Olive’s family had decided to surrender her to the county shelter at the end of 2022.  We were able to jump in and squirrel her away to Leashes End before that could happen.  Happy New Year, Olive B., and welcome to the family.

Snowball: Now 16-year-old Maltese Snowball joined the Leashes End family in August 2022 along with his Maltipoo brother Buddy.  The Floofs’ (as we call them) owner, a DoD civilian, has been sent on orders to Japan for a while. It was unlikely that the Floofs would have done well on the transpacific flight (in the hold!) or the mandatory 6-month quarantine in country.  So we’re watching the Floofs until Mom gets home. Snowball is a cuddle and loves to be around people. Snowball has a grade 5 heart murmur, but that doesn’t slow him down.  He and Buddy run around the house getting into mischief and just generally being cute.  Snowball also had wicked bad teeth, but thanks to a generous veterinary grant from House with a Heart, Snowball’s mouth is as good as new now … well, as long as you don’t mind having only three teef left!

Tango: 15-year-old Shih Tzu Tang is blind and deaf. He joined the Leashes End family shortly beforeThanksgiving 2022 from the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore. Due to his special needs, the SPCA felt he’d do best in a sanctuary environment. It took Tango no time at all to adjust to his new life at Leashes End. He doesn’t even need a halo to navigate! He has figured out where the comfy beds are, the good water bowls, and of course the food! He even figured out the dog door! Poor Tango does frequently get disoriented and have little meltdowns, but nothing a hug can’t fix … he’s a total cuddle bunny! He’s also a bit of a bed hog at night! 

Trina: 11-year-old Trina joined the Leashes End family on November 2nd, 2021. She was found wandering the streets and delivered to us by a Good Samaritan!  Her paws were pink and raw from hoofing around, she had some fleas and flea dander, she was definitely hungry and tired. She hadn’t been spayed, microchipped, or probably vaccinated either. But we took care of that. We waited a week, hoping for her family to claim her. But no one responded to our “found pet” notices or appeared to be looking for her. So we got to keep her!  Trina is now spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, energetic, and healthy.  Other than some nuclear sclerosis in her eyes, she’s in pretty good shape physically. Emotionally, she’s a bit scrambled: an affectionate sweetheart one minute, Kujo the next.  Based on her reactivity to certain stimuli, we surmise that she came from an abusive background. But she’s in the right place now … safe and loved!

Truman: 15-year-old Truman’s caregiver passed away in November, 2021 and her family struggled to take care of him.  In March, 2022, House with a Heart put out an appeal to place him in sanctuary, and suddenly Truman was part of the Leashes End family!  Deaf & mostly blind, Truman is a quiet fellow who just wants to snuggle.  He’s the perfect snoozy senior!  Welcome to the family, Truman Sweetie.

Walter: On 20 November 2021, we opened our hearts & home to scrawny now 16-year-old Walt. He was found crossing a busy road in Bowie, MD at night … alone! Yikes! Walt was in pretty rough shape: flea infested, nails way too long, fur matted & dirty, and of course starving! Walt is unaltered, has no patellas to speak of, and needed an urgent dental to repair a missing bone in his lower jaw. And absolutely none of that slows Walt down one tiny little bit. This old boy is busy!  He also has a lot to say! He figured out the dog door on day one, the stairs to the bedroom on day two, and mixes it up with the pack like a big dog.  Oh, and he approves whole-heartedly of chicken!