Our Canine Residents - Not available for adoption

Bailey: 17-year-old Bailey joined the Leashes End family on 07 March 2024 from Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center. Bailey’s owner passed away and the family surrendered him to the shelter, stating that poor Bailey had NEVER been to a vet before! Lucky for us, Bailey is relatively healthy for a pup his age …healthy enough to be cleared for a neuter and a much-needed dental. Bailey adjusted to life at Leashes End in no time at all.  He LOVES food and is a terrific cuddler in bed. He paws your leg for attention but he’s definitely not clingy …he has a strong independent streak and is just as at home on walks as he is napping on the couch. Oh, and he has the sweetest little arf-arf bark ever! Welcome home, Bailey! 

Bernie Mac (Moo Cow): Meet Bernie Mac, a charming 13-year-old Shih Tzu. This sweet senior was initially adopted in 2011 but sadly found himself back with us after being surrendered to another shelter through no fault of his own. Despite facing several medical concerns, including cataracts, Degenerative Mitral and Tricuspid Valve Disease, Bernie Mac remains a resilient and cheerful pup.  Despite these challenges, Moo Cow has endeared himself to both staff and volunteers, quickly becoming a favorite. His foster parent noted his love for leisurely walks around the neighborhood, where he enjoys greeting people, and his fondness for cozy nap!

Buddy: Now 15-year-old Malti-Poo Buddy and his older brother Snowball joined the Leashes End family in August 2022. The Floofs’ (as we call them) owner, a DoD civilian, has been sent on orders to Japan for a while. It was unlikely that the Floofs would have done well on the transpacific flight (in the hold!) or the mandatory 6-month quarantine in country.  So we’re watching the Floofs until Mom gets home. Buddy, with his signature one-ear-up look loves squeaky toys! He and Snowball run around the house bickering and getting into mischief and just generally being adorable.

Charley: In early May 2023, we welcomed now-9-year-old Charley into the Leashes End family!  I know what you’re thinking: Eight is a senior?  Charley was rehomed to us due to his  aging owner’s inability to care for him any longer. Charley’s tendency to get underfoot was becoming a trip hazard for her and for Charley …. both are disabled and nearly blind!  Charley’s youthful energy is refreshing for most of us.  The cats could do without!  Charley is a mostly blind Bichon Frise who is missing one of his hind legs following an accident a couple years ago. Charley’s pretty fast on three legs, but fatigues quickly.  Not quickly enough for the cats though!  I had to laugh the other day when I found Charley barking hysterically at one of Joyce Curvin’s (joycecurvinart.com) papier-mâché cats that just wouldn’t budge matter how loud he barked! Charley lives every day to the fullest and sleeps soundly at night pressed up against Risa!  Life can be soooo goooood!

Dori: In July, 2022, we welcomed now 16-year-old Dori  into the Leashes End family! Mindy Farber of FOACAS entrusted this precious girl to us under our perpetuity care program. Dori’s previous family turned this old gal out on the streets in her old age! FOACAS determined that due to her age and nervous temperament, she’d do best in sanctuary.  And the rest is history. Dori has a heart condition and is skittish. But she loves to give nose kisses, sleep on comfy beds (hidden in corners), and knows how to use the dog door to let herself in and out. She’s the absolute sweetest girl and we love her.


Dottie: In late November, 2023 we welcomed now-19-year-old Dottie into our family. Dottie was a shelter dog who was adopted by a loving woman in 2020 at the onset of the Covid pandemic. Four years later, Dottie‘s mom is no longer able to physically care for her due to hip and back injuries. For obvious reasons, we could not allow Dottie to be turned back into the shelter. As of mid-December, Dottie has fully adjusted to group life. Although she is still shy, she loves to run and socialize with the pack, especially on walks with Kelley … and has an appetite that would make a Hobbit jealous!  


Gremlin: In early March 2023, we agreed to foster a very special dog for Mindy Farber of FOACAS. Gremlin is a 13-year-old Pekingese mix with a whole raft of medical issues! She was pulled out of a cruelty situation by Animal Control and needed a place to heal and recover . We said: Sure, she can crash with us for a while. Poor Gremlin had an anal tract infection, multiple ophthalmic problems (including ulcers), a cold, and some fiercely rotten teeth! Thanks to the generosity of FOACAS, Gremlin is getting all the medical attention she needs and is healing nicely. It didn’t take us long to fall in love with Gremlin and offer her a permanent place at Leashes End. Gremlin LOVES to go on walks, boss over the other dogs, and sleep in front of a window in the dining room where she can keep an eye on everyone! Welcome to the family, Gremlin! (Update: One year on, Gremlin is still doing great! We are able to manage her chronic respiratory symptoms and are now looking into completing her surgical treatments … a mastectomy to remove her mammary tumors.)

Kathy: 9-year-old Kathy (nee Happy)  joined Leashes End in late February 2024. Kathy lost one of her owners to a care facility.  When her other owner passed away, their daughter brought Kathy home.  Unfortunately, the family dog refused to accept Kathy. So Kathy spent some time living on her own at her now-empty owners’ house. Their daughter came by daily to feed and walk Kathy, but she soon grew lonely and despondent. The family decided to surrender her to the local shelter.  That’s when our friend Dawn (previously of AMAR in SoCal) stepped in.  She scooped Kathy up and tossed her in the car with another friend, Margie (The Grand Maxi-Malt Momma herself) and packed Kathy off to Leashes End. Though a bit younger than our usual residents, Kathy is too emotionally fragile to be adopted out. So she’s staying!  We’re just letting her decompress and heal at her own pace. The good food, warm beds, and plentiful squeaky toys are great medicine. Welcome to the family, Kathy!

Maximus: In mid-April 2024, Leashes End welcomed big Maximus into the family. A common story, Maximus was loved by his human mom until she passed away.  His human sibling, no youngster herself, is a musician whose career has her traveling more often than not.  We asked to meet this 65lb, 10-year-old pup. And he charmed the pants off us all!  Maximus is quite the talker with his low, rumbling baritone.  He loves walks, beef for dinner, and sleeping in bed with the humans!

Milton: On 24 February 2024, a Saturday, I drove down to the PG County shelter to retrieve Milton, a 2.8lb, 16-year-old toothless Yorkie.  All shelters in the area are so overcrowded, that they released Milton to me without vaccinations or neuter!  And what a neuter this guy needed… poor Milton was not only cryptorchid, but had one very enlarged testicle that thankfully turned out to be Seminoma: “a tumor that typically has benign behavior.  Surgical removal is likely to be curative and his prognosis is excellent.”  Milton loves short forays on the grass, small frequent meals, and snuggling close to Risa at night. Turns out he’s also a huge fan of Angelo’s Margarita pizza! Welcome to the family, Milton!

Mina: In late March 2023, Leashes End welcomed two senior pups, a bonded pair, who had been dumped at the Allegany County Shelter in the dead of night! Mina is a 13-year-old brindle mix and  Bo was a 16-year-old, blind & deaf, white Shih Tzu. Sadly, Bo has passed on. But Mina is still with us! Mina has a condition called Degenerative Myelopathy (DM), a neurodegenerative disease that affects older dogs. It initially results in paralysis of the pelvic limbs but progresses to affect all limbs. We also anticipate incontinence as Mina loses nervous control of her hind quarters. But we’re no strangers to this condition and are ready to Sherpa Mina through it.

Mouse: 17-year-old Mouse (formerly Lynda) is our resident “foster failure.”  She initially joined us on loan from AWL Alexandria as a foster.  But as of April 29, 2021 she became a permanent party. Huge thanks to AWL Alexandria for letting us keep her! Mouse is absolutely tiny, weighing in at just over 4lbs.  So of course she’s hooked up with ginormous Moose as her BFF.  Mouse has rules when it comes to humans though:  Look, but don’t touch!  We are absolutely, positively not allowed to touch the Mouse.  So, for the most part (notable exceptions being grooming and veterinary visits) we’ve arrived at an accommodation with this little lady.  The Mouse underwent quite the ordeal during her dental surgery (provided courtesy of AWL Alexandria). She had 32 extractions and went into cardiac arrest under anesthesia! She had to be revived with CPR. But the Mouse didn’t skip a beat in her rapid recovery.  Maybe some day she’ll let us hold her. It’s good to have aspirations.

Phineas:  On 14 September 2023, now-15-year-old Phineas Poodle joined us from the Prince Georges County Shelter.  Poor Phin had been stuck there since mid-August with dim prospects of adoption. Phin is quiet and apprehensive, so we’re taking it slowly. We suspect that life prior to his arrival at Leashes End had been unkind to our poor boy Phineas.  But he enjoys off-leash walks on the grass outside, soft beds inside, and plentiful soft food. He trusts us a bit more with each passing day and even has the occasional bout of zoomies now.

Poochini:  Pooch joined the Leashes End Family in April 2024. His note from the shelter read: “Poochie is a distinguished gentleman and is calm…and so very gentle. He would love for someone to give him a soft quiet space where he can relax.” Look at this big smile! That’s the face of 15-year-old Poochini. Poochini has a lot going on. A large mass inside his mouth. Multiple anal masses. A huge mass on his tail. Grade 3 dental disease. And to top it off, severe kidney disease, which makes him a high risk candidate for surgery. So… Poochini is a hospice dog. That means we will keep him as comfortable as we can for as long as we can. And just look at that smile; Poochini did not get the memo about how sick he is! He just gets the most out of life every single day. 

Puggles (Mayhem):  On 10 March 2023, we welcomed now-13-year-old Puggles into the Leashes End family.  We were head over heels in love with this great guy from the word Go!  Our friend Katie Fisher tipped us off that Puggles had been at the Prince George’s County Shelter… since December!  For the life of me, I’ll never understand how he ended up at a shelter to begin with, let alone spent three months there without getting adopted! Like all Puggles, Puggles needs to sample EVERYTHING in the kitchen!  He loves his off leash romps. And he self-selected into Kari’s pack, rather than sleep with me! 

Skippy: 15-year-old Skippy joined the Leashes End family in June 2024. His owner passed away and her grandson asked us to look after the old guy. Skippy is a burrower by night and a pacer by day. Every day, this short-legged sentry marches up and down the fence line on patrol. It’s a nervous habit that he shares with some of our other seniors, like Dori. At night, Skippy dives under the covers and presses up against my feet! He’s quiet and gentle and keeps to himself … unless someone calls walkies and then he’s part and parcel of the pack. Welcome to the family Skip!

Tango: 17-year-old Shih Tzu Tang is blind and deaf. He joined the Leashes End family shortly beforeThanksgiving 2022 from the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore. Due to his special needs, the SPCA felt he’d do best in a sanctuary environment. It took Tango no time at all to adjust to his new life at Leashes End. He doesn’t even need a halo to navigate! He has figured out where the comfy beds are, the good water bowls, and of course the food! He even figured out the dog door! Poor Tango does frequently get disoriented and have little meltdowns, but nothing a hug can’t fix … he’s a total cuddle bunny! He’s also a bit of a bed hog at night! 

Tootsie: Now 12-year-old Tootsie joined the Leashes End family in October 2019.  Kelley, who is a groomer, took on Tootsie as pro bono case in August, 2019. This poor girl desperately needed to be groomed and to see the vet. Her fur was so matted it was painful; her filthy skin beneath was covered in sores. Her nails were so overgrown she could barely walk. She could scarcely peer out to see beyond the shock of fur covering her eyes. Ugh… and the smell of her!  But when Kelley called to schedule Tootsie’s next grooming, she learned that her owner had moved out of state and left Tootsie behind! We immediately took her into the Leashes End family so we could tend to her numerous veterinary and other needs! Tootsie has blossomed into a very confident, sweet, and affectionate girl, but with a wild streak, making her a perfect Leashes End pup.


Trina-Maru: 12-year-old Trina joined the Leashes End family on November 2nd, 2021. She was found wandering the streets and delivered to us by a Good Samaritan!  Her paws were pink and raw from hoofing around, she had some fleas and flea dander, she was definitely hungry and tired. She hadn’t been spayed, microchipped, or probably vaccinated either. But we took care of that. We waited a week, hoping for her family to claim her. But no one responded to our “found pet” notices or appeared to be looking for her. So we got to keep her!  Trina is now spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, energetic, and healthy.  Other than some nuclear sclerosis in her eyes, she’s in pretty good shape physically. Emotionally, she’s a bit scrambled: an affectionate sweetheart one minute, Kujo the next.  Based on her reactivity to certain stimuli, we surmise that she came from an abusive background. But she’s in the right place now … safe and loved!

Waffles: 15-year-old Waffles joined the Leashes End family on 02 September 2023 as part of our perpetuity care program.  Waffles came from a loving home.  But sadly, his dad passed away, and his mom is in a memory care home. His human siblings each tried to keep him at their homes, but for various reasons it just wouldn’t work out. Don’t let his size fool you. Waffles is a gentle, sensitive baby!  It took him a few days to acclimate, but now he’s just one of the pack! He loves the food, he sleeps soundly through the night in our bedrooms, and he loves a good romp. With his thick coat, Waffles is impervious to inclement weather … rain or shine, you’ll find him at his post: people watching at our front gate!