Leash-Free Living

At Leashes End we believe that dogs should be dogs and cats should be cats and this means letting them enjoy the great outdoors in all its natural wonder.

We take our dogs out on multiple off-leash outings during the day (approximately every two hours), including two to three long walks. With nearly three acres of private grounds, our property rivals many public parks for lush, green, open spaces. But because our land is private, our dogs are free to run around off-leash; roll in the grass; smell the flowers; and play with one another as dogs are meant to do. At least one person chaperones the dogs at all times on their outings to ensure that they don’t get into any mischief and to ward off any predators, such as the occasional fox, that may be lurking in the periphery.

The ability to live so freely is extremely therapeutic for our seniors. Some of our dogs spent the majority of their lives cooped up in the squalid pens and cages of puppy mills. Even those from more fortunate backgrounds often lived lives of relative confinement. 

They arrive at Leashes End, sick, scared, and unsure of themselves, some barely ambulatory. But as soon as they realize that they’re free to romp, their entire demeanor changes and we watch them transform into happy, healthy, care-free dogs.  Their smiles are our reward!

Although they live indoors, our cats are free to come and go from the house as they please via a number of cat doors installed especially for them. We are aware of the controversies associated with permitting them to do so, but we believe that the ability to enjoy the outdoors is essential for living healthy, balanced lives and our cats are no exception to this principle. Most of our cats never leave the safe confines of our fenced front and back yards. They simply prefer to rest in the shade of a tree or warm themselves on the walkway paving stones, while enjoying the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. But there are a few cats who look for a bit more adventure in life: every day they come out of the woodwork to join in on the walks with dogs! They really enjoy the group activity and seldom miss a good romp!

As with our dogs, the transformation that occurs with our cats is nothing short of amazing.  Our cats come to us frightened, ill, and neurotic. At Leashes End, they come out of their shells and blossom. They run; climb trees; chase fire flies around the lawn; and enjoy life to the fullest, often for the first time in their lives. In spite of their freedom, they do not run away or get lost. In fact, they never stray far from the house and they most certainly never miss a meal!