Our Pets in foster homes - not available for adoption

Mario: 8-year-old Mario came to Leashes End in December, 2021 at the request of our veterinarian.  A younger, but special needs Shih Tzu, Mario was struggling with kidney disease and inappetence.  He was losing weight so our vet persuaded his previous owner to surrender him.  Our good friend and volunteer/donor Diana took him in immediately as a forever foster!  Mario is thriving in Diana’s care with a specialized kidney diet augmented by special low sodium sardines from Portugal and thin-sliced pork from an actual butcher shop!  

Millie: 12-year-old Millie joined Leashes End on August 29, 2020 as a complete surprise!  Millie’s owner had been hospitalized quite suddenly for the long term, leaving Millie needing a new home. Her owner’s brother  asked us to take her in. One look at little Millie and we couldn’t say no! She clearly needed help.  Millie was matted, dirty, flea-infested, and underweight. She also desperately needed a dental to care for her loose, bleeding, and infected teeth; all her vaccinations; and a microchip. Millie let us know right away that she thoroughly approves of soft chicken! She bounced back so well from her dental surgery and other care that she has easily become the most energetic dog in the house.  She zooms around the yard, literally running circles around us and the other dogs and cats!  She’s sweet and affectionate and a perfect fit here! is living with Kelley as a forever foster in Brunswick, MD.
Robert Redford: (Now called Annan.) Annan is Hebrew for cloud … and Annan is living it up in Philadelphia. Anan is more of a teddy bear than a cat … he’s a huge, cuddly, 14-year-old bumbler.  He was born the runt of his litter (something his current stature makes difficult to believe), with a crippling birth defect, and not breathing! His original family managed to resuscitate him and in spite of his physical disabilities, he got on rather well most of his life. But in 2018, his human mom got pregnant and was told that she would not be able to tend to Annan’s special needs during the pregnancy or her baby’s infancy. Poor Annan! He was born with neurological impairment that denies him the full use his hind legs. He was also born without a tail … no tail at all! And worst of all, his impairment affects his bowels and he requires periodic cleanings of his bum. In 2019, it became clear that Annan needed a slightly quieter home than Leashes End. So he moved in with my brother’s family, where my nephew and nieces can spoil him rotten!
TigerLily: 7-year-old TigerLily is the feline equivalent of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups off the impulse-buy rack at the supermarket. In December 2015, Asher took one of our seniors to the vet and came home with a kitten! Someone had left a whole litter of kittens at the vet’s door during the night and lonely TigerLily was the only one not to be adopted. So naturally, Asher brought her home! Tiger lives bonded with former resident staffer Kelley. Tiger is currently living with Kelley as a forever foster in Brunswick, MD.
Tootsie: 8-year-old Tootsie joined the Leashes End family in October 2019.  Kelley, who is a groomer, took on Tootsie as pro bono case in August, 2019. This poor girl desperately needed to be groomed and to see the vet. Her fur was so matted it was painful; her filthy skin beneath was covered in sores. Her nails were so overgrown she could barely walk. She could scarcely peer out to see beyond the shock of fur covering her eyes. Ugh… and the smell of her!  But when Kelley called to schedule Tootsie’s next grooming, she learned that her owner had moved out of state and left Tootsie with her housemates! We immediately arranged to take her into the Leashes End family so we could tend to her numerous veterinary and other needs! Tootsie has blossomed into a very confident, sweet, and affectionate girl, but with a wild streak, making her a perfect companion to the Chihuahuas! is living with Kelley as a forever foster in Brunswick, MD.
Tova:  Still alive and doing well!  Tova the long term “foster” or the one who got away? I think it’s safe to say at this point that Tova has moved in with our neighbor Tom. Tova is a healthy young Tuxedo female who was ostensibly on loan to us from an Army veteran. Tova came to live with us in March 2016 while her human mom worked through the transition from military to civilian life and focused on recovering from physical and emotional traumas suffered in the line of duty. But alas: Tova is a high energy loner who prefers the great outdoors to being cooped up inside the house. In 2018, we discovered that she had taken up with our neighbor Tom who takes great care of her and who even built her a whole heated kitty condo in his garage!