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Laser Therapy for Pets

Risa B. Simon
March 10, 2019

We recently started our 13-year-old Maltese Allie on laser therapy for her arthritic limbs. Poor Allie spent the first 11 years of her life in a state of horrible neglect as a breeding dog at a puppy mill before being unceremoniously dumped at an animal shelter in Hesperia, CA.

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International Cat Show brings the world of cats to your own backyard

TOLEDO (WTOL) – It was a feline frenzy on Saturday in Maumee. The Toledo Cat Show took over the Lucas County rec center for the weekend, drawing hoards of people eager to see cats from all across the globe.

Toledo’s show has been around since 2000 and is one of the largest cat shows in the world, featuring 71 different breeds.

The show is more than just a competition. Cats are available for adoption as well. However, even the adoptable pets get to compete, so you could have the chance to bring an award-winning cat back home with you.

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Assisted Living for Seniors with Pets:


Pet ownership can bring plenty of unexpected benefits for seniors. For starters, research shows that older adults who own a dog walk an average of 22 minutes a day more than seniors who don’t have a dog, and pets are even used in therapy techniques to help seniors with mental illness or dementia.

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